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Capital Underwriters Fund is a chapter 11 specific fund specializing in all aspects of chapter 11 real estate financing. We specifically fund Super-Priority Loans, secured note purchases, equity (new value) as well as take out loans for properties in chapter 11 and are credit enhancers who sign and guarantee real estate loans as part of a plan of reorganization.

Unlike conventional lenders, our philosophy is driven by an understanding that the safest place to invest a real estate dollar is in a chapter 11 case where full disclosure of the ongoing income and expenses of the real estate project (in the form of the monthly reports filed under penalty of perjury with the US Trustee) offer a true real-time read as to the economic status of the property.

Safe in the knowledge that the numbers are real, we understand that each chapter 11 presents its own unique set of circumstances and opportunities which bare themselves as the case progresses. Deals are made in chapter 11 by demonstrating to creditors that a source of financing is standing side by side with the property owner and that entering into negotiations with the property owner can bear fruit. To that end, Capital Underwriters Fund joins the property owner at the outset, underwrites the project for our financing and is incorporated into the plan of reorganization putting your secured creditors on notice that a confirmable plan is on file, foreclosure is not an option, and that they may have to remain your lender over their own objections unless a deal is cut with you to cash them out. We stand at the ready to cash them out and enter a case knowing that the deal to be cut most likely will not reveal itself until the chapter 11 is reaching its conclusion. Opportunity-driven and patient, Capital Underwriters Fund provides the financing needed to restructure your real estate debt.

Capital Underwriters Fund:  Types of Chapter 11 Financing


Super-Priority Loans

Super-Priority Loans are loans in chapter 11 that subordinate existing secured lenders to the new financing. Capital Underwriters Fund specializes in Super-Priority Loans.

Take-out Financing

Although a chapter 11 case often results in opportunities to take-out your lender at a discount, the impaired nature of your credit often precludes your ability to take advantage of the opportunity. Capital Underwriters Fund is a source of take-out financing for chapter 11 real estate.

Note Purchase

Capital Underwriters Fund purchases notes in conjunction with you.

New Value

New Value is the chapter 11 term for equity that is sometimes required to confirm a plan of reorganization. Capital Underwriters Fund is the source for New Value in your plan of reorganization.

Credit Enhancement

Capital Underwriter Fund will sign and guarantee loans in conjunction with you as part of your plan of reorganization or provide a Letter of Credit as a credit enhancement .

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