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$8.5M and $6M Restructure

We retained Restructuring Advisory Group as our lead strategist for our chapter 11 and to write our reorganization plan. They worked closely with our chapter 11 attorney, led the strategy sessions and charted our course through the court. Because Restructuring Advisory Group was our lead strategist and because they are so knowledgeable about the ins and outs of chapter 11’s , 99% of the questions we would have asked to and been charged for by the lawyer were asked to and answered by Restructuring Advisory Group, saving time and money. They wrote our Disclosure Statement and Plan of Reorganization at a fraction of the cost of the law firm and we prevailed. We subsequently hired them to negotiate with another of our lenders who had filed a notice of default and was foreclosing on a different property. Restructuring Advisory Group literally scared common sense into them and after two meetings with Restructuring Advisory Group by my side, my lender knew we would prevail in a chapter 11 filing and not only withdrew their notice of default, but provided the balance of the funding we needed to complete the project.

I cannot speak highly enough of or recommend a company more than Restructuring Advisory Group.

Mike Davis: Mike Davis Custom Homes
Manhattan Beach, CA

$1.5M Restructure

I retained Craig Brown of Restructuring Advisory Group and he turned my Ch-11 around. He amended schedules for strategic purposes, wrote the reorganization plan, led the negotiations, structured a 5 year consensual modification, dropped the interest rate and reduced the principal by $100,000, all with a very hostile lender. My lawyer was thrilled as was I. He saved me and is knowledgeable, affordable, and effective. Mr. Brown did in fact save my financial life.

I conservatively estimate I saved $25,000 in legal fees and got much better results.

Please feel free to call me anytime.

Respectfully yours,
Dennis Wagner
Spokane, Washington

$32M CMBS Restructure

We retained Craig Brown of Restructuring Advisory Group to restructure $32M in CMBS loans encumbering our properties. He walked me through the darkest days and truly helped me keep my sanity throughout this process. Having someone other than our lawyer was helpful as he was able to guide us and in negotiations with the lender that resulted in the deal being struck. Craig initiated direct negotiations with the lender, reduced our payments and modified the loans all without the company having to file Chapter 11. He saved our properties and has my extreme gratitude.

We subsequently sold the properties he saved for a $30M profit.

I highly recommend him.

Feel free to contact me for any further information.

Deborah Torbati
San Diego, CA

$2.6M Restructure

I retained Craig Brown of Restructuring Advisory Group to restructure the debts on my Freight Company. He took over all bank negotiations, directed the bankruptcy lawyers and the strategy, negotiated 4 consensual, debt restructures, and wrote the reorganization plan which was confirmed. I was able to run my company knowing the Chapter 11 was being handled by a pro who kept all lawyers in line.

Jackie Mattare:
Desert Express Trucking
Long Beach, CA

$4.3M Restructure and $3M Financing

Great job! They financed the $2,5M buyout of the bank with a 100% loan that funded my reorganization plan. They also negotiated the 30% discount, wrote the plan, restructured $4.3M in debt, saved me thousands in legal fees & gave me options my lawyers couldn’t.”

Robert Hernandez
Pasadena, CA

$2.3M Restructure

I retained Craig Brown of Restructuring Advisory Group to restructure a $2.3M loan on my office building without filing Chapter 11. He got the bank to consensually reduce the principal balance by $1.2M (with no payment on my part) and to carry the reduced balance over a 42 month period. They also reduced my personal guarantee. He is very trustworthy, highly informative and results driven.

Marco Scibora
Advanced Communications Design
Minneapolis, MN

$6.5M Restructure on $11M Portfolio

I retained Craig Brown of Restructuring Advisory Group to restructure a multiple property, multi-million dollar 25 loan portfolio thru a chapter 11 filing. C.H. was instrumental in working with my attorney to formulate our restructure plan which was confirmed by the court. Craig’s advise was invaluable in dealing with the bank, which tried to force us to refinance and we were able to stop the banks actions.

In sum, Craig assisted me with multiple bankruptcy issues guiding me through byzantine procedures, formulating strategies for me to maximize the leverage over my creditors and assisting me in negotiating multiple loan modifications.

I estimate I saved $20,000 in legal fees and got superior results using Restructuring Advisory Group.

Excellent job. I highly recommend him.

Gary W. Regester,
Mr. Wizard Car Washes, L.L.C.
Kennett Square, PA

$2.5M Restructure

I retained Craig Brown of Restructuring Advisory Group to restructure vendor debt on our publishing company. He introduced himself to the vendors as a bankruptcy expert who would guide the Company through Ch-11 if deals couldn’t be cut. He negotiated 60% to 80% discounts with our major vendors totally restructured our balance sheet and enabled us to avoid bankruptcy. I give him our highest acclaim.

Ted Coene: Group C Media, Inc.
Newark, New Jersey

$2.5M Restructure

I retained Craig Brown of Restructuring Advisory Group to restructure $2.5M in loans encumbering my carwash. He negotiated a $500,000 discount with the bank, re-wrote the remaining $2M loan balance at 4.5% for a 5 year term with an option to buy out the $2M for $1.8M in the third year. With his expertise we avoided Chapter 11 and he saved our business.

Roland Hovenasian
R&R Brothers
La Palma, CA

$1.5M Restructure

Our lawyer told us the best we could get through Chapter 11 was give our property back to the lender in exchange for one year of occupancy.

We retained Craig Brown of Restructuring Advisory Group and he formulated a new strategy and maximized our leverage over the lender resulting in a 6 year loan modification and a confirmed plan of reorganization. I can’t praise him enough. He completely turns our Chapter 11 around and without him we would have lost our property and our school.

Marie Tabata-Callerame:
Board member, Cascadia School
Seattle, WA

$2.5M Restructure

I retained Restructuring Advisory Group to be the lead strategist and lead the bank negotiations in my Pelican Bay, LLC Chapter 11 filed in the District of Delaware and also to negotiate a discount with the Chapter 7 trustee in a related case of mine

They negotiated a consensual restructure in the Pelican Bay case with WSFS Bank on their $2,1M loan and negotiated a 40% discount with the Chapter 7 trustee on his $700,000 claim (he is an unsecured creditor in the Pelican Bay case).

My plan confirmed and my property was saved and they are now refinancing the property.

Highest regards for this group.

Name: George Metz
Millsboro, Delaware

$3.4M Refinance and Restructure

One year after writing the reorganization plan and negotiating the discounts and funding my reorganization plan, Restructuring Advisory Group refinanced the private money loan with a $3.5M bank loan at 4.75% interest rate and negotiated a further discount with one of my major creditors.

Robert Hernandez
Pasadena, CA

$2M Restructure and $6M Restructure

I retained Restructuring Advisory Group to restructure 2 of my carwash properties in Southern California.

They convinced 2 very hostile private Lenders in both cases to extend the loan terms, reduce the interest rates and change the payments to interest-only, allowing my cash flow to increase enabling me to catch up and make the operations whole.

They assisted me in communicating with my bankruptcy lawyer and wrote the reorganization plans at a fraction of the cost that the lawfirms wanted to charge.

I highly recommend them.

Amir Lankarani

Los Angeles, CA.

$4.2M Restructure

We retained Restructuring Advisory Group to negotiate with our lender after the lender filed a notice of default on 4 properties. We wanted to avoid filing Chapter 11. Once Restructuring Advisory Group entered the picture, they contacted our lender, informed them that we would prevail in a chapter 11 and negotiated an extension of the loan under the original terms and conditions.

I cannot recommend this firm highly enough.

Robert Norrie,
665 Thirty Third Street LLC

Contact Us: 800-357-8247


Refinancing, discounting and restructuring Ch-11 debt is our business & we’ve been doing it in Ch-11 reorganizations nationwide for 25 years. Call us. We have the resources, the knowledge, the influence with the banks and the capital you need. We are the solution. We guarantee it

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