CMBS Loan Restructures

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A sizeable portion of Restructuring Advisory Group’s (CRG) business is the restructuring and refinancing of debt that is not subject to a Chapter 11 and the refinancing and restructuring of CMBS loans.
The COVID-19 Pandemic Crisis makes the need for our CMBS loan restructuring expertise all the more prevalent. To that end, we have negotiated over $45M in CMBS loan modifications through the current Pandemic.
Our expertise provides creative work-out restructuring and refinancing that drives the negotiations forward to successful conclusion.
Property owners with CMBS loans that have matured or are maturing or are in default due to the COVID-19 Pandemic face challenges that are unique to the CMBS deal structure.
We are experts in dealing with the complex issues that are inherent to the CMBS loan structure and in negotiating Forbearance Agreements that mitigate the defeasance issues, the bad boy provisions and the imbedded corporate culture of obstinance, arrogance and disinterest that is common to the Special Servicers and the Master Servicers. Our expertise results in our being able influence the Master Servicer and the Special Servicer that in turn drives negotiations to a consensual restructures of what are very difficult to modify CMBS loans.
We have had great success in negotiating interest rate reductions, maturity date extensions, interest only provisions, cash flow mortgages A and B note restructures and principal balance discounts.
Our expertise drives the negotiating process forward offers solutions to the Master Servicer and the Special Servicer that directly benefit you.
In addition to the conventional straight-forward deep cash discounts, we have negotiated CMBS loan discounts where a partial principal reduction payment is made through a new loan that consensually subordinates the balance of the CMBS loan to the new debt. Under that type of CMBS loan modification, we include provisions to take out the balance of the CMBS loan at a discount years down the road once the property is again performing and a conventional refinance can take out all of the loans with no equity infusion required of you on the front or the back end.
In addition to CMBS loan modifications, Restructuring Advisory Group has negotiated Commercial Loan Modifications, Discounts, Refinancing’s and Lease Modifications with the following Banks Master Servicer’s and Institutions:
JP Morgan Chase Wells Fargo Bank
Bank of America US Bank
TD Bank TD Equipment Finance
Wilmington Trust Well Fargo Financial
GE Capital International City Bank
PFF Bank & Trust Fifth Third Bank
Beal Bank East West Bank
WSFS Flagstar Bank
Golden Security Bank California Credit Union
Vineyard Bank Washington Mutual Bank
Pacific Western Bank SEEDCO
Mid Atlantic Farm Credit First Chatham Bank
JE Roberts Mega Bank
First Financial Bank C-III Capital Management

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Refinancing, discounting and restructuring Ch-11 debt is our business & we’ve been doing it in Ch-11 reorganizations nationwide for 25 years. Call us. We have the resources, the knowledge, the influence with the banks and the capital you need. We are the solution. We guarantee it

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