Restructuring Advisory Group provides Chapter 11 Financing, creative loan work-out financing and low interest rate financing for businesses and property owners in Chapter 11 and offers you financing unavailable anywhere else. As a business owner or property owner in Chapter-11 you cannot simply pick up the phone make a call, and expect to move forward with bank financing. It’s different with us: Our 25-year track-record in Chapter 11’s and the relationships that we have formalized with banks and financial institutions over our decades of Chapter-11 reorganizations has resulted in a cadre of financial institutions with whom we underwrite our clients’ Chapter 11 loans at market interest rates. …. So whether its Chapter 11 Financing, refinancing, structuring discounted note purchases, CMBS restructuring or Commercial mortgage restructures, Restructuring Advisory Group is your solution.

Below is a partial list of banks and institutions with whom we have funded refinancing’s, as well as discounted notes and restructured debts for our Chapter-11 and Pre-Ch-11 clients.

JP Morgan Chase

Wells Fargo Bank

Bank of America

US Bank

TD Bank

TD Equipment Finance

Wilmington Trust

Well Fargo Financial

Flagstar Bank

GE Capital

International City Bank

Fifth Third Bank

Beal Bank

East West Bank


Golden Security Bank

National Bank of California

California Credit Union

Vineyard Bank

Pacific Western Bank

First Chatham Bank

Mid Atlantic Farm Credit


Greenfield Banking Company

Mega Bank

First Citizens Bank

And Many More

Recent Refinancing’s and JV’s

$47M Resort

$5M Office

&17M Const & $3M Mezzanine

$15M Hotel

$4.5M Land Loan

$12M Assisted Living

$15M Senior Dev’t

$8M Hotel

$5.8M Res Const Loan

$3M Mezzanine A&D

$4.1M Office

$1.3M Synagogue

$25M Residential JV

$15M Indep Living

$12.1M Apartment

$5M Senior A&D/JV

$6M Senior Renovation

$6.8M Hotel

$2.1M Super Priority Loan

$14.1M Mixed Use JV

$2.5M Super Priority Loan

$5M carwash Refinance

$3.3M Multi Family

$3.7M Multi Family

$2.1M Multi Family

$1M Freight Company

$4.4M Multi Family

$1.3M Multi Family

$14M Multi Family

Recent Restructures

$2.5M Apt, GA

$2.5M Retail, KY

$5M Advertising Co, NJ

$50M Office/Retail, CA

$11M Carwash Portfolio, PA

$8M Subdivision NY

$2M Office Bldg , MN

$3M Freight Company, CA

$2M Carwash, PA

$9M Res Dev’t, CA

$2M Res Dev’t, FL

$5.3M Carwash, CA

$5M Res Subdivision NY

$75M Country Club, CA

$1,5M Office, WA

$16M Res Dev’t, CA

$2M Apt, KS

$1.5M Apt, So Carolina

$2.8M Motel, IN

$25M Office CA

$1M Office, IN

$15M Retail, CA

$3.5M Motel, DE

$1M Private School, WA

$8MQuarry, FLA

$5M Hotel, CA

$1.5M office, IN

$4M Multi Family, CA

$1.5M land, IN

$5M Office CA

$2M Office, TX

$2M Carwash, CA,

$9M Residential, NV


31242 Monterey Street
Laguna Beach, CA 92651

2207 Everett Ave Suite A
Everett WA 98201

Contact: Craig Brown

Phone: 800-357-8247

Refinancing, discounting and restructuring Ch-11 debt is our business & we’ve been doing it in Ch-11 reorganizations nationwide for 25 years. Call us. We have the resources, the knowledge, the influence with the banks and the capital you need. We are the solution. We guarantee it

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