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You’ve Gotten Your Lawyers Advice, Now Get Ours.

We assure you that 5 minutes on the phone with us will be a game changer for you…So Make the Call.

We Are Different:

We have restructured our own properties and businesses as well as hundreds of other properties and businesses through Chapter 11 and bring a Business Owners and Real Estate Investors perspective and understanding to the Chapter 11 process not found in bankruptcy law firms

We have restructured real estate investments and businesses as small as $200,000 in debt to as large as $100 million in debt.  So, whether you are big or small, please read on and make the call. We guarantee you’ll be glad you did. 

You’ve Come to the Right Place:

Whether you are contemplating a Chapter 11 debt restructure, a CMBS loan restructure or have filed Chapter 11, you are now in a fight yo need to win and the stakes couldn’t be higher for you, your family, your employees, and your partners

Refinancing, discounting and restructuring debt both in and out of Ch-11 is our business and we’ve been doing it nationwide and winning the debt restructure and Chapter 11 fight for 30 years.

Restructuring Advisory Group’s 30 years of consultation in and financing of real estate and businesses in Chapter 11 has earned the Company a national reputation as turn-around experts and leaders in the field of CMBS loan modification, Chapter 11 finance & the refinancing, discounting and restructuring of debt both in Chapter 11 and through non-Chapter 11 forbearance agreements.

Refinancing, discounting and restructuring debt both in and out of Ch-11 is our business and we’ve been doing it nationwide and winning the debt restructure and Chapter 11 fight for 30 years.

Here are the Facts:

Winning the Ch-11 and the debt restructure fight is not about your lawyers negotiating with the Bank’s lawyers, or having them file motions or attend court hearings.

Winning the fight is about financing…. It’s about deal-making…It’s about influence at the decision-making level of the bank…. It’s about maximizing your options…It’s about creating the opportunity, then financing the opportunity & getting you the maximum results. That’s what it’s about. That’s what’s best for you . That’s what we do. That’s not what lawyers do.

We have the influence with the banks and the capital you need. We Will Impact Your CMBS Restructure, Your Debt Restructure, Your Refinance, Your Negotiations and Your Reorganization…We Guarantee it

As Chapter 11 Consultants, turn-around experts and leaders in the field of refinancing and restructuring CMBS loans, businesses debt and commercial real estate debt, Restructuring Advisory Group provides unparalleled insights, unmatched results, tailor-made financing and cutting edge solutions for property owners and business owners facing the complex legal, tax and financial issues that arise when loans come due and a standard refinance is not a realistic or an available solution.

Our typical case involves business owners and or real estate investors whose loans are due or coming due and who are faced with unique sets of facts making a straightforward refinance unavailable. Compounding that problem is a stubborn bank not listening to logical solutions which more often than not drives you into the arms of a law-firm, triggering an expensive and unnecessary legal battle with the bank when more effective, rational solutions and cooler heads should prevail.

We are the effective and rational solution and we make the cooler heads prevail. We have negotiated restructures, discounts and refinancing’s with the largest financial institutions to smallest regional banks and credit unions and do so both in and out of Chapter-11. Our access to and expertise in negotiating settlements directly with the decision-making level at these institutions is efficient time-saving and much more cost effective than battling the banks with and through legions of lawyers. Our Chapter 11 Financing and creative loan work-out financing further drives negotiations with the banks forward to a successful conclusion.

Our Chapter 11 Advisors have written hundreds of reorganization plans and negotiated, restructured and refinanced hundreds of millions of dollars in debt through Ch-11 Reorganizations and forbearance agreements. We are much more than Bankruptcy Consultants: We are experts in Chapter 11 Finance who decades ago successfully restructured our own businesses and real estate projects through Chapter-11 and understand the process from a business owners and real estate investors perspective.


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Call us. We will save you time, save you money, and we will give you financing opportunities available nowhere else. Our testimonials speak to our performance.

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For Chapter 11 Email us at:      Advice@mychapter11.com

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For CMBS Email us at:                 Restructuringexperts@gmail.com

Refinancing, discounting and restructuring Ch-11 debt is our business & we’ve been doing it in Ch-11 reorganizations nationwide for 25 years. Call us. We have the resources, the knowledge, the influence with the banks and the capital you need. We are the solution. We guarantee it

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